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Waring Commercial WCO500X Countertop Convection Oven Review

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The Waring Commercial WCO500X countertop convection oven is a larger model than most countertop convection ovens that are available and popular on the market today. The Waring Commercial WCO500X is very much a “do all” countertop convection oven that comes with plenty of extras for cooks of any level of expertise. Read on for the top advantages to the Waring Commercial WCO500X.


The Waring Commercial WCO500X, as previously mentioned above, is slightly larger than other countertop convection ovens, and with this larger size comes more interior space.  It boasts a 1.5 cubic foot interior and interior dimensions of 11.5” high, 17” wide and 12” deep. Even though it is considered a countertop model, the Waring Commercial WCO500X can be used to rotisserie two chickens at once. It can accommodate multiple baking pans or casserole dishes and can be used to cook a pizza up to 12”.

Even with this roomy interior, the Waring Commercial WCO500X heats quickly, maintains temperatures effortlessly and distributes the heat evenly. This countertop convection oven will heat to a maximum of 500 degrees, which is 25 degrees hotter than the vast majority of countertop convection ovens. The Waring Commercial WCO500X reportedly takes only 13 minutes to reach the 450-500 degree mark, which is quite impressive.

Another major advantage of the Waring Commercial WCO500X is the number and variety of attachments and accessories that come with the countertop oven. Most countertop convection ovens come with a pan to fit, but this model comes with two custom wire racks, a custom sized stainless steel baking pan, and a rotisserie set that includes the skewers, the rotisserie spit and the special handgrip. There are four positions to choose from when using this oven, which further adds to the versatility of it.

Along with the solid construction with best materials, the design and function are very simple, adding yet another major advantage to the Waring Commercial WCO500X. This oven has a fully stainless steel cooking interior with no PTFE/PFOA coating, which is difficult to find nowadays and is highly desirable for many people. The oven door on this model is double walled glass for safety. The controls are actually knobs as opposed to digital display, allowing for ease of use and offering less functions to potentially break down.

Also worth mentioning as another advantage of the Waring Commercial WCO500X is that all of the surfaces and attachments are easy to clean. The stainless steel interior is easily wiped clean after use and the glass door is easy to keep clear on the inside and the outside. The racks, pans and attachments can all be removed from the oven in order to be cleaned as well.


In all, the Waring Commercial WCO500X is a versatile, well- built countertop convection oven that delivers consistently good results on a broad range of dishes and meals. It is possible to pay less for an oven than this model, but there aren’t other models out that give the same quality, versatility and ease of use as the Commercial WCO500X.

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