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Cuisinart TOB-260N Chef’s Toaster Convection Oven Review

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The TOB-260N may be the latest cooking advancement from Cuisinart that’s designed to compete keenly against the Breville BOV800XL to find the best full highlighted convection toaster oven out there. The “N” signifies that is normally a “New” and up to date version over the standard model.

This oven is made for amateur chef’s that are looking to use their counter top oven to cook healthy and balanced and fast meals because of their relatives. With an intuitive settings, best interior and 2 different convection settings, preset cooking capabilities with 11 modes, and a fresh dual make function, this Oven is really awesome equipment. If you are searching for a thing that can truly substitute your full sized oven, this can be a direction you want to go then.


Technology of Tob260-1 Cooking food: This toaster oven features 5 quartz heating system components that employ Cuisinart’s “accurate temperature” technology to supply the ultimate control to create evenly cooked food.  Each one of the options has been calibrated to provide the proper amount of heating on all sides to make certain everything is done completely and there happen to be no hot spots.  If you value toast, there will vary selections for the volume of slices you intend to include as the oven enables you to customize everything for the required results.

That is a continuation of their technology they have incorporated in to the TOB-260.  Most ovens contain 1 convection characteristic while this style has two just.  A fan within the oven circulates heat blowing it around the meals.  This rush of heat ensures foodstuff is cooked evenly, in less period, and at lower temps.  That is why convection ovens are hence desirable.

The traditional convection setting could be turned on with the preset functions with another button to supply exceptional leads to whatever you are planning.  Gleam second option known as “Speed Convection” which enables you to skip the preheating procedure and get right to cooking.  That is an enormous time saver in the ultimate end.

Preset Cooking Capabilities

The TOB-260 includes 11 standard preset choices.  Included in these are; Defrost, Sandwich, Roast, Waffle, Broil, Bagel, Leftovers, Hold Warm, Pizza, Toast, and Bake.  In addition, it comes with a substitute for add 30 extra seconds to provide you with more control if you want.  The other unique function of this oven can be its dual food preparation mode.  Allowing you run two numerous functions at two several temperature levels consecutively.  You’ll use this if you want to cook something and brown it, for example.  That is one thing that pieces the TOB-260 aside from others in its category really.

Controls and Display

Today’s LCD display is simple to navigate with easy to use dials.  You can get around the several settings easily available. With a feature of touch button you can use the convection cooking features.  The advance control system and display help bring the toaster in latest shapes.

Size of the oven

It must essential that you measure to be sure to have sufficient counter space as it is one of the big oven.  Using its larger capacity comes the opportunity to handle bigger dishes and side meals for the family.  It has space to employ double racks to enable you to cook multiple items simultaneously.


The TOB-260 includes several items that enables you to take full good thing about the oven.  Include happen to be two racks, which works extremely well in 4 diverse rack positions, a baking pan that may provide as a drip pan also, a pizza rock, broiling pan, recipe reserve, and a crumb tray.

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