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Cuisinart TOB-135W Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler, White Review

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This exclusive toaster range has a distinctive design with traditional crafts of Cuisinart. Cuisinart has put two innovative solutions in this food preparation expert and make this the first choice of all housewife. First is the accurate Heating Sensor technology along with the very famous technology for toasting. This oven has a more capacity, powerful cooking functions and an extremely captivating brushed finish look rendering it really classy setup on your counter top. It comes with a 3 years warrantee also.

Features of Cuisinart TOB-135W

Heating Technology

The exact heating technology is dependent on the heat receptors that help maintain as well as controls the heat of the area with utmost perfection and hence the foodstuffs acquire exact amount of temperature needed and are free from common problems like being over cooked or under cooked.

Even Technology Always

Are you sick and tired of getting either white or burnt toasts each morning and also have desired getting a glance of properly toasted bakery? Well Cuisinart reveals this range with another outstanding feature of toasting, where the pieces are properly toasted with a straight shade distribution regarding to your preferred hue. So with this technology, you will see forget about white or higher burnt slices.

Cuisinart TOB-135 Control Automatic and Panel Timer SHUT DOWN

Along numerous spectacular features, this range has 2 time timer which is uncommon, with a genuine time clock exhibited on its large blue backside lit LCD -panel. This toaster range broiler comes with an automatic shut-off function to assist in saving energy in the event you forget to turn your toaster off. There are always a true range of other amazing features such as metal brushed surface finish, digital touch handles with stainless construction.


It includes 8 food preparation options that help you cope with most recipes. They are Bagel, Toast, Bake, Keep Warm, Broil, Reheat, convection and Defrost.

Pros and Cons of this Oven?


Convection Technology: This toaster range broiler has a great convection performance as compare to function from the old models. Customers have directed feedbacks with the amazing performance of the convection function and the supporter is quite pleasurable in this model since there is absolutely no traditional convection fan sound in this model.

Easy Control: The control panel of this toaster is amazing! With cooking method, the relevant keys are lit with a LED in the backdrop. This can help you easily know which method is working now from a distance. A straightforward detail that loved by customers.

Even Cooking: With two amazing technology, Exact Temperature and Always Even, Cuisinart has gained the market by giving even temperature circulation for not only food preparation also for toasting of bakery.


Screen LCD: Even though the switches with LED record make it easy to learn cooking method from a distance, one reported problem with this toaster range broiler was using its blue backlit screen LCD. A number of users say that they think it is hard to learn upon this LCD screen unless they come better or maintain a perfect vision level with the screen.

Selection Knob: Another reported concern is with the knob. Some user think it is really hard to access the mandatory option given that they think it is easily skips the choice to be chosen. They think the control knob is extremely fast and hard to regulate. Well I believe Cuisinart must definitely consider it.

Door Handle: The handle is rather near the glass and therefore should be taken care of with extreme attention in case uses up while the range has been used.


This Cuisinart’s product is lovable and great to make use of, regardless of the few deficiencies previously mentioned, this product is an excellent thing to possess through this budget owners and range are enjoying by using this.
For additional information and quality recipes of the product you can make reference to its manual also.

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