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Cadco OV-300 Compact Quarter Size Oven Review

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The Cadco OV-300 Compact quarter size countertop convection oven is a higher- end countertop oven that does an excellent job of balances manual and simple functions with superior performance and versatility. People who own the Cadco OV-300 countertop convection oven consistently give it very high reviews for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the top advantages to choosing to purchase and use a Cadco OV-300 compact quarter size countertop oven.


As the name denotes, the Cadco OV-300 really is “compact” in size without sacrificing performance. The appropriate tagline of this product is, in fact, “Small Footprint and Large Production.” This oven takes up relatively little space in any kitchen while still producing impressive results. The oven is 21.5” wide by 18.9” high by 15.8” deep with a cook space of 0.83 cubic feet, making the Cadco OV-300 a small but powerful oven that can be used in more than just any home kitchen.

The 0.83 cubic feet of interior space houses three shelves, each of which can hold its own quarter size sheet pan, which makes cooking multiple dishes at once a breeze. The capacity is sufficient to where three standard sized pizzas can be cooked at once.

For the slighter interior cooking capacity, the Cadco OV-300 is quite energy efficient. The unit is able to heat up quickly because of the smaller cook space. The squirrel cage fan helps to circulate the heat evenly and consistently, heating the entire unit to temperature quickly. These factors add up to far less electricity used than when firing up a standard oven.

The countertop convection oven is more than capable to produce consistently, evenly cooked or baked items as well. This is due to the stainless steel interior of the countertop convection oven paired with the squirrel cage fan that circulates the hot air within the oven’s interior.

Owners of the Cadco OV-300 report that even when baking cookies on all three racks, the cookies in all three of the baking positions cook at the same rate of speed and finish in a uniform manner despite proximity to the heat source. This speaks volumes to the oven’s ability to efficiently apply heat to what’s being cooked.

The oven has the major advantage of being easy to cook. The stainless steel interior surfaces are easily wiped down once the unit has cooled in order to keep them clean. The wire racks can be removed to be cleaned if food drips onto them. The double walled glass door can also be easily wiped down when it becomes dirty.

If crumbs collect between the hinge of the door and the frame, the door can be removed entirely to complete the cleaning process. When an appliance like a countertop oven can be easily cleaned, owners are more likely to use it regularly rather than dreading the process of having to struggle through cleaning it after each use.


All in all, the Cadco OV-300 compact quarter size countertop convection oven is small in stature, yet it delivers in terms of value and performance.

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